Friday, January 24, 2020

My Menagerie

I have been having so much fun with the Karen Burniston Surprise Ball Pop-Up die this week.  I have made a menagerie of animals with it.  The latest one is this cute little mouse.

In addition to this mouse, I have made a turtle, a lightning bug, a bubble bee and a peacock.  This may not be the end of my animal farm, but I will try to contain myself.

Just know that these are not the last cards I will be making with this wonderful die!


Jadams said...

More! More!
Love them all.

Karen Hasheck said...

Lois- looking for some advice about sizing of the square pieces you have some of the critters on - how big is your cover square that you slide them out of? So you suggest thick or thinner cardstock? When you layered the squares in the inside, how big were they? I am trying to make one and struggling to get that part to work. Thanks!

Kathy De Hay said...

Lois, I truly love your animals.

Deborah said...

So ingenious! How did you do the peacock pop-up? Is the head a die as well? How do you gold in the tail feathers? I think this is my favorite of all your pop-up ball animal cards.