Thursday, January 16, 2020

CCEE2003 - Book Publishers Day

This week Lynn asked the CCEE Stampers to create a card which features characters, a theme, or a quote from one of our favorite books!  Bonus points if it is on the current best sellers list.  My favorite series of books is not on the current best sellers list (no bonus points for me), but I LOVE the Lord of the Rings trilogy (along with The Hobbit), having read them several times.

Last year I bought a Divinity Designs (Our Daily Bread Designs) diorama die at a stamp show.  It took me from June until December to use it, but I've used it more than once since then.  This was the first card I made with it.  You can see Gandalph, Frodo, and the other hobbits inside my diorama.

My friend knows I love Lord of the Rings and gave me a new book for Christmas.  So, as a bonus, I decided to make a bookmark to use while I'm reading this book.  It looks pretty interesting!

Check out the reading list of the rest of the team over on the CCEE Stampers blog.


MiamiKel said...

Lois, this is just amazing - I love your little book box! I love this book, too. Great choice!

StampOwl said...

Glad you finally got to use this die, fabulous card

Liz Williams said...

You seem to bring these stories to life with your marvelous cards.

Lynn McAuley said...

Such a fabulous shadow box with all of our favorite Lord of the Ring characters peeking out!! Awesome work, Lois. I love the bookmark, too. How perfect for your new read!!

jdmommy - Anne Harmon said...

I love your Potter and Rings cards. Always such fun. And I'm not surprised at your choice for your card!!!

Vicky Gould said...

Love your diorama! I figured when I read the challenge that you would chose one of these books! Great job Lois!

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