Tuesday, October 15, 2019

3D Paper Sculptures

Scor-Pal has a new product on its website -- 3D Paper Sculptures by InArtCrafts.  I've had so much fun playing with them.  The concept is that you download a digital pattern, print it on cardstock and cut out the pieces.  You then score on the lines, add glue or Scor-tape to the tabs and match up numbers on each piece.  Each pattern has a skill level -- Easy, Medium, Hard.   So naturally, I chose Easy for my first project -- a flamingo.

To make it easier to mount on the wall, I attached him to a round cardboard cake board, adding the tropical leaves to create a "frame" around him.  My daughter has already claimed ownership of this project.

Once I had so much fun creating this flamingo, I was hooked.  My friend has a white/calico cat, and I thought it would be fun to try to recreate her.  There are three different Cat patterns on the Scor-Pal website -- a sitting Cat (Easy-Medium), a Cat on Rock (Easy-Medium), and a Kitten (Easy).   Here's a photo of my friend's cat . . .

. . . and here's the cat I created, using the sitting Cat pattern.

With the exception of the head and tail, which were made with black and orange cardstock, the rest of the cat was made with white cardstock.  After I completed construction, I carefully drew some lines indicating where I wanted additional color.  And then I used my Copic markers to add the black and orange.  I found the cat's eyes at Hobby Lobby and added the little "free-hand" pink nose.

I have a feeling that these two projects will not be the last I make.  As I said earlier, they are so much fun.  Scor-Pal has a "tips" page for these sculptures, and I would recommend that you check out the tips prior to constructing your sculpture.


Karen Aicken said...

Soooooooooooo cool. Amazing projects, Lois. Love them!

Dawn S. said...

The flamingo looks great, especially with the leaf wreath around it. You did a great job colouring your cat. I love the little, pink nose!