Thursday, January 28, 2021

CCEE2104 - Warm and Cozy

 Lynn finishes up her month as hostess for the CCEE Stampers with a good challenge.  She said:  Many of us are experiencing very cold days during late January.  Feature on your design something that makes you feel warm and cozy even on the coldest of winter days.  It doesn't get quite as cold in Florida as it does in some parts of the country, but we do get some cold days.  The design on the front of my card was made with stencils (STAMPlorations and Honey Bee Stamps), and the fireplace on the inside is from Honey Bee Stamps as well.  It pops up using a Mini Pop-Up die from Karen Burniston.

A nice fire in the fireplace always makes me feel warm and cozy.  Visit the CCEE Stampers blog to see what warms up the rest of the team.


StampOwl said...

Love the winter scene on the front which opens up to reveal the warm fire

MiamiKel said...

Such a beauty! No kidding on the winter in Florida! :)

Lynn McAuley said...

Sensational card, Lois, with the cold outside and the warm and cozy inside! That rock fireplace is awesome!! Love this adorable room you have created here!!

Liz Williams said...

We have a fireplace but have never used it. It really doesn't get cold enough to use it for the most part, but I admit if I were snowy cold here all the time a roaring fireplace is where I would part myself. Love how you made yours pop out of the inside of your card.

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