Monday, July 15, 2019

Cow Appreciation Day

According to the Holiday Insights website, today is Cow Appreciation Day; and they suggested that you go out and give a cow a hug.   Not one to back off from a challenge, I decided to give some love to the cow community today by making this card -- and putting a spin on a couple of Karen Burniston dies, several of which are brand new.

The spin on the front of the card is that I stacked two of the fences from the Farm Edges die to make it a little taller to keep the cow inside.  The base of the inside of the card was made with the House & Fence die, but I added the barn from the Barn Pop-Stand instead of the house.

How now, brown cow?  I didn't want all of my cows to be facing in the same direction, so for the brown cow I turned him over before adding the highlights.  And again, I stacked the fence, only by one rail this time.

So, I invite you to go out and hug a cow today!  Or, at the very least, drink a glass of milk!

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