Friday, March 15, 2019

Scor-Pal "More Than One Score" Challenge

I'm the hostess for the March "More Than One Score" challenge on the Scor-Pal blog.  This month's theme is Soft and Subtle -- think pastels/babies, etc.  I am part of a weekly challenge team (CCEE Stampers), and recently one of the challenges was a Lever Card.  I had never made one before; so I checked out the tutorial the hostess provided and, after one discarded effort, I made one.  How fun was this!  I had seen dies which make this type of card, but I had never tried it using a scoring board and stylus.  So today I'll show you how I made the card which appeared on the Scor-Pal blog on the first of March.

To start my card, I cut two pieces of blue cardstock 8 1/2" x 5 1/2".  One piece is scored at 4 1/4".  This will be the outside of the card.  On the side that would be the front, I cut a window 1" from each of the four sides.

Score the other piece of cardstock at 4 1/4" and 6 3/8".  Go in 2 1/8" from the left side and make a 1" scoreline down from the top and up from the bottom.

To make the lever on the inside panel that will go through the "window" on the front of the card, go in 1" from the left side and cut a slit that starts at the 1" mark and goes down to 1" from the bottom.  Then cut from the slit (top and bottom) over to the 1" score lines.

When folded, this is what that panel will look like.  Folds are valley/mountain/valley.

Apply adhesive to the back side of the inner panel and glue to the inside of the outer panel.  I have found that liquid glue works best for this.  It allows a little bit of time for you to line up the panels perfectly.  The "lever" should fit nicely in the window.  If it's a too-tight fit, you can trim just a bit off the top and bottom of the "lever."

You can now decorate the card as you like.  I cut a piece of patterned paper 4" x 5 1/4" and cut out the center 7/8" in on all four sides.

I then cut four pieces of patterned paper for the inside -- 3 strips 1 7/8" x 5 1/4" and one piece 3 1/8" x 5 1/4".

The two right-hand strips can be glued into the card at this point.  The other two pieces need to be fitted around the "window" and "lever," as follows:

On the remaining narrow strip, cut in 1" from the right side, 7/8" from the top and 7/8" from the bottom; then make a vertical cut between those two cuts.  Glue this to the left panel of the inside of the card.

On the fourth strip of patterned paper, cut in 1 1/8" from the left side, 7/8" from the top and bottom.  Cut down from the top and up from the bottom to cut off the excess.  This piece will cover the "lever" section of the card.

After adhering all four pieces of patterned paper, your card should look like this.

I then die-cut all the accessory pieces to be placed on my card, as well as some circles and a "congrats" for the front.

After completed, here again is my lever card.

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