Thursday, September 1, 2016

Scor-Pal "More Than One Score" - Cards, Cards, and More Cards

I'm the hostess for the Scor-Pal Blog this month.  Our theme is "cards, cards, and more cards," so I thought that a bag for holding lots of cards might be appropriate for the challenge.  I've made a Buckle Bag Card Holder and four cards.

The supplies needed for the basic buckle bag are:  12" x 12" sturdy cardstock, patterned paper, Scor-Pal, paper trimmer, ink, Word Window punch, Scor-Tape, tape runner, stamps, dies, ruler, scissors, pencil, and large button.

Cut the cardstock to 10" x 10".  Put 2" strips aside to use later.

Score one side of the cardstock at 2" and 8".  Rotate 90 degrees and score at 4" and 6".

Using your scissors, cut wedges on each side at the 4" and 6" score lines, creating flaps.  Fold on score lines; then lay flat.

Place Scor-Tape on the two small flaps and the bottom flaps, as shown.

Turn over, fold the two small flaps up, and remove tape.  Adhesive should be facing outward.  Fold in the two taped flaps and adhere to small flaps.

Fold up the two untaped flaps and adhere to taped flaps to create box.

Cut patterned paper into two 8 1/2" x 1" strips.

Cut patterned paper to 4" x 4".

Place the square into the paper trimmer diagonally, with the two points on the trimmer groove.  Cut into two triangles.   Adhere one triangle on the front of the box and the other on the back.  Adhere the 1" strips along the bottom of the box, all the way around.

Create the buckle from one of the 2" strips of cardstock.  Measure in 1" along the top and 1" down on each side.

Using the scissors, snip the end of the strip.

Apply two pieces of Scor-Tape at the straight end of the strip.

Adhere straight end of strap to the inside center of the box, as shown.

Adhere the button with Scor-Tape to the V end of the strip.

Bring strap across and place on the patterned paper where the buckle will close.  Mark each side of the strap with pencil for placement.  Draw a light line between the two marks.

Use the Word Window punch to create an opening for the buckle strap, using the pencil line as a guide.

Slide the punch over to the second mark and punch.

Decorate the box as desired and slide the buckle through the slot to close the bag.  Create cards to accompany the bag.

Here is my completed buckle bag with the four coordinating cards.

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