Monday, June 1, 2015

Scor-Pal More Than One Score - Weddings

I’m the hostess for this month’s Scor-Pal More Than OneScore challenge.  As this is June (the month of weddings), I chose Weddings as my theme.  My project is a fun box which I learned how to make last year, and I will show you how to make one for yourself . . . or to give to the bride and groom.

Supplies you will need for this project are:

·         Scor-Pal
·         Paper trimmer
·         Adhesive runner
·         Scor-Tape
·         Scissors
·         2 pieces of cardstock 6” x 9”
·         2 pieces of cardstock 6” x 6”
·         1 piece of cardstock 10” x 10”
·         4 pieces of patterned paper 5 ¾” x 5 ¾”
·         2 pieces of patterned paper 3” x 6”
·         1 piece of patterned paper 4” x 4”
·         8 pieces of patterned paper 3” x 4”
·         Ribbon
·         Stamps, embellishments, cardstock as desired to decorate lid

Place one of the 6” x 9” pieces of cardstock longways across the top of the Scor-Pal and score at 3”.  Repeat with second piece.

Adhere strips of Scor-Tape to the small section of one of these panels.

Glue the two small pieces together to form one long sheet of cardstock 6” x 15”.  Cut two pieces of ribbon approximately 12” long at attach at center of each 6” x 6” panel at the ends.

Adhere the 5 ¾” x 5 ¾” pieces of patterned paper to the 6” x 6” pieces of cardstock
 . . .

. . . and adhere to one side of the now 6” x 15” panel.

In the original tutorial that I had followed for my first box, the patterned paper (6” x 6”) was glued directly onto the long panel.  I have found that, by trimming it by 1/4” and gluing it to a second 6” x 6” panel, it makes for a more sturdy lid.

Adhere the 3” x 6” patterned paper to the center and then adhere the remaining pieces of patterned paper to the other side the same way.

Your cover is now completed.

For the box portion, score the 10” x 10” piece of cardstock at 3” on all four sides.

Using your scissors, cut into the corners to create tabs.

 Add Scor-Tape to the tabs and fold to create the box.

Now adhere the 4” x 4” patterned paper to the bottom of the box and four of the 3” x 4” pieces to the inside walls.  You may have to trim these pieces slightly to fit.  Test the fit before gluing down the inside pieces.  Adhere the final four 3” x 4” pieces of patterned paper to the outside walls.

Apply Scor-Tape to the bottom of the box.

Adhere the box to the center of the bottom panel of your cover.

Your box is now completed.  Decorate the lid as desired.

This concludes my tutorial for the June edition of the Scor-Pal More Than One Score challenge.

(This tutorial was originally written by Liz Walker for Splitcoaststampers.)

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Busy Bee Vinyl Creations said...

I absolutely love this idea. Thank you so much for the easy to follow directions. I can't wait to make one of these for my daughter to put special items in for my grand daughters 2nd birthday.
Thank you!!!
Kathy <3